Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII Materi dan Soal Don’t Forget It, Please

Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris
Materi Pokok Don’t forget it, please.
Kelas/Semester VIII/2
Nama Guru Winarti Srigantini
Waktu 12 JP (6 Pertemuan)

Kompetensi Dasar
  • 3.12. Membandingkan fungsi   sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan beberapa teks khusus dalam bentuk pesan singkat dan pengumuman/pemberitahuan (notice), dengan memberi dan meminta informasi terkait kegiatan sekolah, sesuai dengan kontek penggunaannya.

Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII Materi dan Soal Don’t Forget It, Please


1.1 Definition
Short message is a written piece of information that you give to other people. The short message can be in a form of traditional written message or like todays form of messages which are electronic message; email and social media, such as WhatsApp, messenger, SMS etc.

1.2 Function
The function of the short message is to send message to intended person with a short on concise message, while the content is clear and understood by other people. You might want to write a letter if you need to talk longer but if you just need to leave a short message you can use this type of communication.

1.3 Structure
The structure of a short message should consist of:
  • the addressee, the one who accept the message. For example: Dear Afifah, Hi Hady, etc.
  • contain, what the message is. For example, you have promised your friend to have a group work, but then something come up. Therefore, you need to inform your friend that you cannot come, or you will come late to that group work.
  • and the sender, who send the message. You used to write your name on the message but later if you send your message using electronic device such as mobile phone which can save your number in others’ device you might not need to write your name. Otherwise, you need to write your name.


2.1 Definition
Announcement is a short functional text which consist of facts, event, or intentions, which are delivered in oral or written 

2.2 Function
The function of announcement is to let everyone know what has happened and what will happen in the future. Information will give information to public or just to small number of us.

2.3 Structure
There are some important parts of announcement that should be understood by the user or the person who will give an announcement

1) The title of Announcement
There is a title for an announcement but sometimes people do not put a title. The title of the announcement will tell the audience or reader what the announcement about.
For example: “Open Day”, Enterpreneur Day”, “English Speech Contest”, “Saturday-Sunday Super Camp”

2) Day, Date, and time
For example:
Day : Wednesday
Date : 17th of August 2020
Time : 09.00 am

3) Place
The statement of place of event will tell the reader where the event take place.
For example: Sport Hall, Meeting Room, Scout Camp

4) Contact Person
The contact person name and number usually stated so that the audience or reader who are interested in the event will be easier to know or join the event.
For example: Hafiz, class 7A
Phone number: 0123456789

5) Addressee
The addressee is the subject to whom the announcement for.
For example: To All Students, To All Camps Participants, To All Parents.

2.4 Features
Language features usually used in announcement text are simple present tense and simple future tense. For


3.1 Definition
Notice is a piece of information that gives pople understanding on a situation. Notice can be in a form of command, caution, information and prohibition (

3.2 Function
  • Commad is a kind of notice that instruct people to do something. These are the samples.
  • Information is a kind of notice that gives warning to people to not do something or cautious toward the notice. For example:
  • Prohibition is kind of notice that warns people not to do the thing shown on it, for example:
3.3 Feature
The language feature that usually use in a notice is simple present tense as seen in the example above; “Silence, please. Exam in progress”, “wet floor”, or “staff only”.


Short Messages  
Read the text below, then fill in the blanks.

Hi Kak,
Please call mommy if you have finished your class. I will order Gojeg for you.
Love you 
  1. The text above is a(an) _______
  2. The purpose of the text is _______
  3. The writer of the text will order Gojeg for his/her mom probably because _______
  4. If I don’t have a phone with me and I want to order Gojeg, I ______
  5. People nowadays prefer texting to calling probably because ______

Read the following text, then answer the questions

For Your Attention!
The meeting will start in 10 minutes. To all attendees please conclude your dinner and proceed to Parahyangan Room on the Third Floor.
Thank You

  1. What type of text is is?
  2. Who is probably the writer of the text?
  3. What is the possible reason for the writer to write the text?
  4. If you are invited in a meeting, such as OSIS meeting, is it important to come on time? Why or why not
  5. Why do people have a meeting?

Pay attention to the notice below, then answer the questions that follow.
  1. What is the purpose of the notice?
  2. Who is the notice for?
  3. Why is the notice background color red, not green, or yellow?
  4. What are probably the reasons why visitors may not feed the animals?
  5. Why do you think visitors like to feed the animals?

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